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How to Use Giveaway.City

We created Giveaway.City because we love Amazon giveaways. What we didn’t like, however, was how hard it was to find them, filter them, and manage to not miss the really good ones. So we built a web site with the features we wanted, hoping it would also prove beneficial to others. In this post, I’ll… Read More »

No More Amazon Giveaways. Now What?

As you surely know by now, Amazon has retired its giveaway program. It sure was a lot of fun while it lasted. Am I the only one who can’t figure out what to do with his downtime now? Giveaway.City began as site dedicated to simply displaying Amazon Giveaways in an organized, filterable fashion. The idea… Read More »

Amazon Giveaways Retiring

Amazon has announced that it is retiring its giveaway program. The last day to participate in giveaways is October 17th, 2019. When I started this website a little over two years ago, I knew that the party would someday come to an end without much warning. Unfortunately, it looks like that day has arrived. While… Read More »

We’re On a New Server

If you’ve been trying to use Giveaway.City or the Amazon Giveaway Assistant Chrome extension over the past couple of days, then you’re already aware that we’ve had some problems. I’ll tell you what those problems were, what was done to get past them, and what it means to you. What Happened? I keep rewriting this… Read More »

Amazon Giveaway Assistant

10/16/2019 – Amazon is retiring their giveaway program, and Amazon Giveaway Assistant has been removed from the Google Chrome Store. Today we’re introducing a new Chrome extension to make navigating Amazon Giveaways a little easier. While we still prefer Giveaway.City’s interface, this improves the experience for those using Amazon’s giveaway pages. It also offers a… Read More »

Saving Giveaways

I just released a new feature on the site: the ability to save giveaways. It’s probably still a work-in-progress, but I decided to push it out to see what users thought. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments. Why save giveaways? There are many reasons to want to save giveaways. First, you might… Read More »

Giveaway.City Giveaways

Giveaways are fun. At least they should be. In the spirit of keeping them that way, we’ll soon be testing our own giveaways. This is a little preview of what you might see, though some details may change before the final implementation. The Giveaway List A Giveaway.City giveaway will be denoted as such and shown… Read More »

Recent Changes to Amazon Giveaways

If you’re a regular user of Amazon Giveaways, you’ve probably noticed that they are constantly evolving. Sometimes the changes are great from a participant’s standpoint, and other times they seemingly hurt your overall odds of winning. Recently, Amazon made some fairly drastic changes, which I’ll discuss here. No More Drawings (8/27/18) I published this post… Read More »

Advanced Filtering

We introduced a new feature today that some users may find useful – the ability to do “advanced” filtering by product and product descriptions. Although it’s live, we’ll consider this feature to be in kind of a beta mode until we get some feedback as to its usefulness. We may remove or alter this feature,… Read More »

Exploring Giveaways by Product or Sponsor

Over the weekend, we added some new functionality to the site. Specifically, we gave users the ability to explore giveaways either by sponsor or by product. In case it’s not clear how this can be useful to you, let me provide a little more detail. Exploring Amazon Giveaways by Product At any given moment, there… Read More »

How to Win Amazon Giveaways

Amazon has made many changes to its giveaways since I wrote this article. Several requirement types were eliminated, as have random winner giveaways. Please keep this in mind as you read. Also, take a look at our giveaway list. You may find some exclusive giveaways! I’ve seen the question asked online: “How do I win… Read More »