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By | July 1, 2017

We created Giveaway.City because we love Amazon giveaways. What we didn’t like, however, was how hard it was to find them, filter them, and manage to not miss the really good ones. So we built a web site with the features we wanted, hoping it would also prove beneficial to others. In this post, I’ll go through some of the site’s features.

The Basics

The giveaway list normally displays a small product image and a few columns to let you know what the giveaway is about. To enter a giveaway, simply click on the description.

Click on description to enter giveaway

Hovering over the product image will show you a larger version, as shown below. Clicking on the product image will  take you to the product page on

Product Image Hover

Report Giveaways That Have Ended

Giveaways can end quickly or expire before we can check on them, so if you click on a giveaway and find that it’s over, please report it. This will clear it from your list and let us know to clear it from everyone else’s as well.

To report that a giveaway has ended, click on the “Report” button next to the giveaway in question.

Report giveaway

Automatic Refresh

Our favorite feature on Giveaway.City is the automatic refresh. By default, the web site automatically updates the giveaway list every few minutes. These updates are perfectly timed to grab new giveaways as soon as they’re ready. There is no need to manually refresh the page.

If Giveaway.City is not the active tab/window in your browser, an indicator will display the number of new giveaways that have arrived since the last time you were active, as depicted below:

Browser tab indicator



Set up a filter to hide the giveaways you don’t want to see . You can filter by most attributes. Access the filter through the top menu or from the side navigation buttons.

Filter menu

In this case, I’ve chosen to hide Kindle books but display all other giveaways. When a filter is active, an overlay will be displayed on the bottom of the screen to remind you that some giveaways may not be visible.

Filter overlay


Use the Preferences

Use the preferences to customize your experience on Giveaway.City. Click the menu icon and select “Preferences” from the list. I’ll describe what each preference does below.

Preference menu



  1. Display side navigation buttons – A fixed navigation menu is normally visible in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This lets the user quickly navigate to the top/bottom of the list or open the filter menu.
  2. Automatically refresh giveaways – If you don’t want to automatically check for new giveaways, this feature can be turned off. We recommend this be left on unless you have a very specific reason for turning it off.
  3. Load product images – By default, a thumbnail of the product image will be displayed in the table. Turn this option off if you need to save bandwidth.
  4. Adjust dates for local time zone – All dates in the system are in CST (Central Standard Time). With this option on, dates will be adjusted to the time zone utilized by your browser.
  5. Scroll to op on new giveaways – When this option is selected, the page will automatically scroll to the top whenever new giveaways (matching filter criteria) are added to the list.
  6. Play sound on new giveaways – Plays a “ding” tone when new giveaways arrive. This may not work on all devices.
  7. Vibrate on new giveaways – Vibrates the device in three short pulses when new giveaways arrive. This may not work on all devices.
  8. Show refresh timer – Shows a small indicator on the column header bar that indicates when to expect the next giveaway update. The more black in the circle, the closer you are to an update. If you’re feeling like it’s been awhile since new giveaways showed up, this indicator can let you know that everything is still working.

Refresh timer





See our full list of Amazon giveaways.



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  1. Chasity

    Are they no longer doing odd chances? Like you have a 1 in 600 chance at winning… I’ve noticed those haven’t been present for the past couple of weeks ☹️


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