Exploring Giveaways by Product or Sponsor

By | August 21, 2017

Over the weekend, we added some new functionality to the site. Specifically, we gave users the ability to explore giveaways either by sponsor or by product. In case it’s not clear how this can be useful to you, let me provide a little more detail.

Exploring Amazon Giveaways by Product

At any given moment, there are usually over 1,000 active Amazon giveaways. When you see an item that sparks your interest, it’s often the case that sponsors have additional giveaways for the same product. Instead of scrolling down the list or searching the page, you can now find all giveaways for the same product by using the options menu.

Let’s use at these Arteza Colored Pencils as an example.  I can see that there are two giveaways for this product back-to-back, and I know from experience that there may be more.  So instead of searching the whole list, I click on the options drop-down button, as shown below, and then click “More by product”.

Option menu


This will open another window that displays all giveaways for this product, past and present. Active giveaways will always appear first in the list, followed by completed giveaways in descending order by the date they were added to our system.


More by product

From here I can enter all of the giveaways for this product that interest me by clicking on the date link or on the requirement icon. Notice that the giveaways I have already visited will be color-coded on this page. Additionally, giveaways that I click here will be appropriately indicated on the main page.


Exploring Amazon Giveaways by Sponsor

We have not made a habit of highlighting sponsors on Giveaway.City. The biggest reason for this is that it’s a free-form field when creating a new giveaway on Amazon. Sponsors can (and do) put anything they want into that field. We have even seen giveaways where sponsors appear to be impersonating another entity. Therefore, we prefer to let giveaways stand on their own merits. If the prize and odds are favorable, that should drive participation.

Having said all that, many sponsors consistently use the same text in this field, and there is some value in searching by it. Let’s look at Arteza again. This time, I’ll click the options drop-down next to a giveaway, then select “More by sponsor”.

More by sponsor


This will open a window very similar to what we saw when searching by product, though this list will now show the item name. Again, giveaway clicks are tracked between here and the main page, and you can see historical giveaway information. I’ll discuss this history next.


Giveaways by sponsor


Learning from the Past

Amazon giveaways are pretty awesome. It’s sometimes hard to believe that you can win some pretty amazing prizes without spending any money or really expending much effort.

Every sponsor has their own reasons for hosting a giveaway. When we host a giveaway, for example, we’re looking for more visitors, Twitter followers, etc. In return for your time, we reward you with a real chance of winning something. You can see all of our giveaways here. As we grow, we hope to offer more and more of these.

The reality of Amazon Giveaways, and one that’s harder to discover without all of the data, is that many giveaways expire without winners. Sometimes this is due to pure chance, and sometimes it’s because giveaways have been thoughtfully crafted to avoid rewarding prizes. Most of us aren’t reading the fine print, so we go ahead and click anyway, not realizing that we’ve probably wasted our time.

I’m not going to point out specific sponsors guilty of working the system, but they’re out there. I encourage you to take a little time to navigate through the giveaway history by sponsor and by product. You may get a better feel for which giveaways to avoid, even as a matter of principle.

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