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By | October 2, 2017

We introduced a new feature today that some users may find useful – the ability to do “advanced” filtering by product and product descriptions. Although it’s live, we’ll consider this feature to be in kind of a beta mode until we get some feedback as to its usefulness. We may remove or alter this feature, but it’s really up to you, the users. Feel free to comment below or send us an email with any thoughts or suggestions.

Before You Begin

Before you begin using advanced filtering, keep in mind that the more you filter, the more likely you are to miss giveaways. If your filters are not precise or you forget what you have filtered out, you may miss a great giveaway. Also, filtering by product descriptions is an imperfect practice, but we’re willing to let you have a go at it should you choose.

Turning on Advanced Filtering

By default, advanced filtering is turned off to avoid confusion for those who want nothing to do with it. To enable it, use the preferences menu. If at any time you want to stop using advanced filtering, simply turn it off.


Accessing Advanced Filter Settings

Once you’ve enabled the advanced filter, you can reach the settings page from the standard “Giveaway Filter” dialog, as shown below.

Advanced filter settings


Text Filters

Text filters are evaluated against the product description. By adding a text filter, you’re telling Giveaway.City which items NOT to show in the list. As an example, I may decide that I will never be interested in any giveaways with “fake eyelash” in the description. To create a text filter, I type “fake eyelash” into the box, then hit the “Add” button.

Add text filter

All products containing this text will now be filtered out of my giveaway list. The “Text Filters” section will show that this filter is active, and I can remove it by clicking the “Remove” button.

Active text filter


Excluding Products

Once advanced filtering is enabled, you will see a new option in the dropdown menu that appears next to each giveaway. By selecting this option, all matching products in the list will be immediately filtered out.

Exclude Filter

If I decide I no longer want to filter out an item, I can go to the advanced filter settings, as described above, to see what items I’ve excluded. I can also remove them from the filter by clicking the “Remove” link.

excluded products

Product exclusion is done by product code, so a yellow iPhone case will not be the same product as a blue one. You can see where this can be a slippery slope. This may be handy, however, when an enthusiastic sponsor gives away dozens or even hundreds of the same product you’re not interested in within a short period of time.


Final Thoughts

We think this feature, or at least some future, perfected version of it will be very handy. However, it does open the door to let you accidentally filter out more than you intended. So, if it’s something that looks interesting to you, feel free to turn it on. Otherwise, you can leave it off, and everything will work just like it always has.

For the moment, this feature’s settings are stored on your device only, and are not tied to your login. In other words, if you set up an advanced filter on your desktop computer, it will not be available on your phone even if you’re logged in on both. This may change as time goes on.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Filtering

  1. Terry Angelone

    Love love love the new filter!! Like most people I have my own method to win , which I do often. At least three times a week a package arrives. Being able to exclude products and “clean up” the list is a great feature. I share giveaway city with everyone as it is the best list for giveaways I have found. Thanks for all the work you do making it simple to enter.

  2. Janay

    It would be great to be able to filter giveaways by end date. Filter all giveaways ending that day. ( today the 4th, all giveaways ending 4th 11:59 pm.😃

  3. JM

    Oh My Goodness… this is AMAZING! I was wishing there was a way to do this just this morning! – Thank you!!

  4. Jim S.

    Am really liking the Advanced Filtering, my list is already 7 pages long.

    I’d like to 2nd Janay’s comment about sorting/filtering on the end date. Another way might be to tweak the CSS to make your end date cell a darker shade of red if ending in < 24 hrs.

    Would it be possible to add a watching/favorite icon to the side of the listing to quickly scroll through the list for the listings we are interested in?

    Thanks for building the site. This is one of the 1st places I check in the morning.


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