Recent Changes to Amazon Giveaways

By | August 8, 2018

If you’re a regular user of Amazon Giveaways, you’ve probably noticed that they are constantly evolving. Sometimes the changes are great from a participant’s standpoint, and other times they seemingly hurt your overall odds of winning. Recently, Amazon made some fairly drastic changes, which I’ll discuss here.

No More Drawings (8/27/18)

I published this post a couple of weeks ago, and even more has changed since then. In addition to what you’ll read below, Amazon has also gotten rid of drawings, leaving only nth entry type giveaways. This was really an unexpected (and unpleasant) change. Even Amazon has primarily used drawings when running its own giveaways, so I wouldn’t have imagined they’d disappear. This new model seems to be geared toward mass participation, which has been evident for high value prizes.

No More Random Winner Giveaways

The biggest change you’ll see is that random winner giveaways have disappeared entirely. Whereas you previously saw giveaways with a one in 3,000 chance of winning, for example, you will now see only those where the 3,000th entrant is the winner. While it could be argued that the odds of winning the latter are actually greater, the general consensus among those that have sent me messages is that “Lucky Number Instant Win” giveaways aren’t nearly as fun. It used to be that you could click on a giveaway just moments after it started and, if you were lucky, win a great prize without thousands of others needing to invest their time first. I believe that feeling of time wasted and being a stepping stone for the actual winner is what makes this type of giveaway less desirable.

Lower Odds of Winning

Another change you may have noticed is that giveaways with really great odds of winning, such as one in 25 or even one in three, no longer exist. Now the minimum winning entrant number appears to be 100. What’s more, the giveaway sponsor cannot directly decide what the odds of winning will be. Instead, the sponsor chooses from three predefined values based on the value of the prize: the higher the value, the higher the minimum number of entrants. For example, a prize worth $80 will require at least 5,200 entrants, while one worth $450 will require at least 39,000 entrants.

Why the Change?

It’s hard to say what prompted Amazon to make these changes. My assumption, however, is that the goal is to disperse the winnings among a larger user base, as well as increase the overall visibility of giveaways and prizes. Giveaways that last only a few minutes or result in prizes being awarded to a small subset of users might not be what’s best for Amazon or giveaway sponsors. Of course, sponsors always had control over how prizes were awarded, but uniformity might streamline things for Amazon. In summary, your guess is as good as mine.

What’s Next?

Several months ago, Amazon simplified giveaway requirements, getting rid of polls, Twitter follows and Tweets. At the time, I thought this might result in a smaller number of giveaways because really anyone could use these methods to build an audience. However, the number of active giveaways has continued to grow. Additionally, Amazon itself utilized giveaways heavily to promote Prime Day, which resulted in more users seeking giveaways. It’s no longer uncommon to see a giveaway requiring over 10,000 entrants to end within a few hours when it’s a prize people want. At this point, this evolution of giveaways may have plateaued, but I guess only time will tell.

I’m working on a few ideas to keep things fun on Giveaway.City, and I hope to test them out soon!


What do you think of the changes? Let me know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Recent Changes to Amazon Giveaways

  1. Ann Bates

    Thank you so much for your blog and letting us know what is going on. I do enjoy playing Amazon giveaways & Giveaway City but it’s not near as fun and exciting as it once was. I think Amazon might be trying to control the sponsors too much, the sponsor should have the choice & control, they are the ones promoting the prizes! That’s just my opinion.. Playing amazon giveaway’s actually helped me with several Christmas presents last year, i’m very grateful for that! I do a lot of business with Amazon because of giveaways.. Example, items on there that I didn’t know Amazon carried it or gave me ideas for Christmas or birthday presents etc. But now my opinion has totally changed, when they took the control away from the sponsors, that’s a major downer for me and it says a lot about Amazon. Thank you Giveaway City! God Bless

  2. Heather Kleiner

    I have enjoyed using Giveaway.City to filter out the Amazon giveaways and click the ones I am interested in. Before this recent change, I was winning every now and then, which was exciting! I was also learning about cool products, and often purchasing them if I didn’t win. I liked that many offered a discount for those who didn’t win. Now, I am losing interest. It seems these giveaways with the really low odds are not meant to ever be given away, and are free advertising instead. Ok, I know the giveaways are free, no purchase necessary, but I could be working freelance at $20/hour instead. My time is valuable. So I view the current giveaway system as entertainment only, and without any wins, it loses its luster. I used to recommend the giveaways to all my friends, but I can’t recommend it much anymore.

  3. Jason Gunter

    Thank you so much for running giveawaycity with the Amazon giveaways. I really appreciate you letting us know what is happening with them.
    Like Ann, the giveaways helped me with present last year. It also showed me a lot of products on Amazon that I didnt know existed. The giveaway site was a lot of fun with the lower odds and the chance to be 1 of 3000 ( instead of the 3000 entrant). I’m not liking the new changes they have made. Its. Not fun to play anymore. Hopefully. They will make some better changes down the road.
    I love your site and it does make the giveaways more fun for me overall.
    Thank you

  4. Jeri Wall

    Thanks for the blog. I will have to say the changes have made playing not as fun and I with all the changes over the last six months or so it’s definitely annoying. They shouldn’t fix what’s not broken. Just my opinion. I was enjoying amazon giveaway this time last year… Not so much this year 🙁

  5. Karen M.

    Super informative post! Thank you. 🙂 I have been all over the internet trying to figure out more about the changes we were seeing and found very little information – this helps – but STINKS! I do not like the changes they made AT ALL! I have health issues and sleep at odd times, so having the giveaways to keep me occupied in the middle of the night was wonderful – now, I play the drawings and that is pretty much it! I gave my 78 year old mother a tablet for her birthday 4 days before the “big change” so that she could be mobile and still enjoy playing, little did I know at the time that it wouldn’t really matter!

    I don’t really understand the reasoning on Amazon’s behalf for these new changes! They are getting paid for the prizes from the giveaway sponsors no matter what – so why take their freedom away in choosing how the prizes can be won? The changes have taken away a lot of the fun, and it seems that only the “Big Prizes” are being sought out – so the sponsors with the smaller prizes that people might buy if they don’t win are the ones losing out, because very few people are even trying to win them anymore.

    Somehow the special “ding” when new deals come up has lost it’s appeal. 🙁 I miss the old 1 in games and am suffering confetti DTs! 😉

  6. Terry Angelone

    Though I win mostly in sweepstakes I really enjoyed the occasional prize jumping from the box and the confetti shower. Now with the changes it seems almost impossible to win on the instant win contests. Not liking the change. Thanks for letting us know what was going on.

  7. Joy

    I’m with the person that said it seems like it’s promoting more of an advertisement rather than an actual giveaway, but- that is sort of their goal, I’d imagine. I like sweepstakes better than the instant wins anyway.

  8. Shannon McElroy

    Well, did they do away with drawings too? I haven’t had a drawing come through in a week or so.

    1. Denise M

      Yes! I want to know also, seems like no drawings coming through at all

    2. Justin Post author

      Drawings are gone as well. I updated the post regarding recent changes.

  9. Dena White

    Honestly I’m not pleased by the Amazon changes, they took all the fun out of it! Thank you for putting a little more fun back into the game!


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