Saving Giveaways

By | December 10, 2018

I just released a new feature on the site: the ability to save giveaways. It’s probably still a work-in-progress, but I decided to push it out to see what users thought. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.

Why save giveaways?

There are many reasons to want to save giveaways. First, you might see one that you want to participate in later, but it’s just to soon to waste your click. Saving it will make sure that you can easily find it later. You might even want to save a giveaway that you didn’t win, just so you can go back later and see if there really ever was a winner. Whatever the reason, you now have the option.

How does it work?

When you are logged in to Giveaway.City, you’ll now see an additional option in the drop down menu next to each giveaway, as shown below.

After clicking on “Save Giveaway”, you’ll see a short “Saved” message which indicates that you have successfully saved this giveaway.

To go back and see your saved giveaways, look for “Saved Giveaways” in the menu. This will open a page that shows all of the giveaways you have saved.

The saved giveaway screen will show you a grid containing all of the giveaways in your save list, with active giveaways appearing first. You can remove them from your list by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of a giveaway block and clicking “Remove Selected”.

When you save a giveaway, the information is sent to our server. So if you use Giveaway.City across multiple devices (i.e. mobile phone and desktop), your list will be available as long as you are logged in with the same account.

Now what?

I can probably think of a few different ways of implementing this feature, but, admittedly, this was about the fastest way to get it pushed out. Enthusiasm for Amazon Giveaways seems to have cooled a bit since random instant win giveaways were eliminated during the summer, so it’s been harder to justify spending a lot of time developing new features.

I’m open to suggestions, though, and I always enjoy feedback. I’ve been really pleased with how genuinely nice Giveaway.City users tend to be, so thank you very much for that!

7 thoughts on “Saving Giveaways

    1. Justin Post author

      Glad you like it, Terrie. I’ll probably try to make it a little more convenient than what it is now, but I kind of like it, too.

  1. Jay Smith

    Nice feature. Thanks. And so true about wins slowed down. Almost seems like no one is playing.

    1. Marie Clemo

      I still play a few hours each day, but I’m lucky if I win one or two prizes instead of 20. xD

  2. dha

    I don’t think save giveaway is working right. I tried saving one giveaway and checked to see if it is in my list.
    Instead of my saved giveaway, I see about 36 different giveaways.
    It looks like the list is always the same even if I delete all saved giveaways.
    Maybe some residual code from development?

    1. Justin Post author

      Hmmm. Not sure. Do you use multiple accounts throughout the day? I can help you more via email as well, if you’d like. I’m already working on a change for it, and I’ll either replace that screen or make it a little more robust in the process.

    2. Justin Post author

      I dug a little deeper and found a problem. It’s back to working now. Thanks for letting me know.


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