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By | August 30, 2019

If you’ve been trying to use Giveaway.City or the Amazon Giveaway Assistant Chrome extension over the past couple of days, then you’re already aware that we’ve had some problems. I’ll tell you what those problems were, what was done to get past them, and what it means to you.

What Happened?

I keep rewriting this section, finding myself providing too much boring information that is overly technical. In short, we grew beyond the capacity our web host was willing to provide, and they shut us down. Unfortunately, they did so without any forewarning and, in my opinion, dragged their feet when providing support.

I immediately secured a new provider at the very beginning of this ordeal, but I wasn’t able to successfully export all of the data in a timely manner due to the limitations placed on me by the web host. Luckily, I was able to export the most crucial information, the giveaways, so I brought the site back up pointing at a new database on a different server while I continued to work on a full migration.

After several interactions with support, I eventually got the old database unlocked so I could export the remaining data. Mysteriously, however, the entire site was “suspended”, which was causing that annoying password pop-up to appear when navigating to Giveaway.City and when using Amazon Giveaway Assistant.

Fortunately, I had already taken the necessary steps for a full move to the new server. This change can take up to 48 hours to propagate through the big World Wide Web, so while some users were already running smoothly on the new server, others were still battling with the old. At the time I’m writing this, 16 hour later or so, it’s likely that most users are now on the new server.

Where are my saved giveaways?

My main focus through this whole ordeal was to keep the site up and running as much as possible. Because I wasn’t able to export all of the data in the beginning and people were already using the new database, key data changed that broke the relationship between a user and his/her saved giveaways. This made it impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to recover data like saved giveaways and saved clicks for syncing across sessions.

While I’m sorry this data could not be salvaged, I’m happy that I was able to provide as much up time as I did. Within a week, it’ll be like it never happened.

What now?

The new server is fully dedicated to Giveaway.City and actually gives me more options for streamlining things even more. You may be noticing a slightly faster response than previously, so I’m satisfied with the move.

Admittedly, there was a moment in the beginning of this mess when I debated whether or not to scrap the site and extension entirely. It has been a fun project, and I’m a big user of the site myself, but it initially looked like I’d be running it at a loss after the move. However, I found a host that has great reviews and offers a bit more for a better price than its competitors, so hopefully things will work out for Giveaway.City to stay here for a while.

Thank you!

I appreciate that Giveaway.City users recognize the work that I put into the site. I received several messages from users letting me know how grateful they were for the site and encouraging me to keep my spirits up as I got things fixed. I’m very thankful for such a kind and thoughtful audience. Truly, thank you all very much.

I received a couple of donations during the outage, and I’m extremely grateful for that as well. My operating costs have quadrupled with the new server, so your donations will be put to very good use.

One thought on “We’re On a New Server

  1. RoyO

    Thanks for getting it back up. The site is working better than ever.
    The bad news, I won so much stuff using your site that Amazon had me fill out a W9! LOL


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