About Giveaway.City

Giveaway.City provides a list of open giveaways. All are free to enter and no personal information is required. For most giveaways all you need is an Amazon.com account.

Our goal is to become your go-to web site for finding great giveaways. Check out some of our great features:

Automatic Refresh

As long as the web page is open, the giveaway list will be kept up-to-date automatically. New giveaways will appear at the top, and expired giveaways will be removed.


Use a filter to only see the types of giveaways that are important to you.


You can choose to be notified of new giveaways matching your filter criteria. The page will play a sound or vibrate, depending on your device’s capabilities, letting you know there’s a new giveaway to check out. Please note that the web site must be actively running in a browser window for this to work.


Side navigation buttons allow you to easily jump to the top or bottom of the list. Plus, you can access the filter from anywhere.

Entry Tracking

The giveaways you visit will change color in the list, so you can easily tell which ones you’ve already clicked.

Customized Experience

You can customize many of the site’s features to suit your needs. Your preferences are stored on your device, so there’s no need to set everything up each time you return.


Giveaway.City is not affiliated with Amazon.com. We love giveaways and wish to create a unique user experience. We’re still human, though, and we do receive a small commission when purchases are made through our product links.